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IT professionals love white papers.

And with good reason.

They help readers gain new insights, keep up with latest technological developments and find solutions to their IT problems.

But they're also a highly effective marketing tool.

Prospects use them to make informed purchasing decisions about complex products and services. And when they trust the information you share, they're more inclined to become a paying customer.

A Smart Content Investment

That's why white papers are such a smart content investment. All the more so in the IT industry, where large sums of money are at stake and your marketing has to work so much harder.

So it pays to use a copywriter who's worked in information technology. Someone with first-hand experience of the challenges IT professionals face.

At Write Online, we understand those needs better than virtually any other writer. That's because we come from a computing background.

Not only that, but we also understand the mechanics of writing white papers. We focus on your readers, building their trust through solutions to their problems rather than self-promotion.

Valuable Industry Resources

Preparation is key to writing a successful white paper. So we do our research.

We ask the right questions. We track down facts, figures, expert quotes, customer stories and statistics to support your case.

What's more, we provide visual suggestions, diagrams, graphs and other features that bring out the best in your content and make it a valuable industry resource.

White papers aren't easy to write. They require not only first-class writing skills, but also someone who's prepared to go the extra mile.

And that's what you get with Write Online

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"We needed professional support to create landing pages for the launch marketing campaign of a new corporate finance service. Write Online quickly grasped a difficult concept and expressed it in clear, persuasive language that people could easily understand."

Catherine Gordon, Strategic Corporate Finance Ltd


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